Michalis Roditis
Manager of Roditis Yachting Agency

Taking under consideration that there are risks when choosing a type of holiday in a hotel, taking a commercial passenger airline, participate in a cruise due to the close proximity of other people most of the time multinationals there is one type of holiday that remains the safest holiday, the Private Yacht Holidays in Greece and especially it's safest area, the Dodecanese Islands. 

2020 Was a crash-test for private yachting holidays with successful results mainly due to the fact that a yacht provides an ultimate controlled environment! 


If guests on board a private yacht on a well chosen itinerary want, they can avoid going ashore for their entire private yacht holiday and is up to them to  choose to enjoy the water toys and luxury amenities onboard, and having every meal prepared for them by their dedicated chef taking under consideration all health measures for the supply and preparation of food and food products and ingredients. 

Dodecanese Islands and Anchorages, the coastline and the environment encourage the adventurous guests who can easily avoid crowded areas, crowds and crowded seasides by simply trust the Captain who will set up a unique yacht cruise itinerary and will approach remote and secluded beaches, quiet small seaside villages, small inhabited islands, breathtaking anchorages and the best restaurants serving natural products and seafood direct from the net.


Crew on board takes all measures to ensure a safe cruise and for precaution they keep a log book where on specific times the measure guest’s and crew temperature and other actions as per WHO Instructions and the approved Covid-19 Outbreak Management Manual and Proceedings.


Yacht Charter Holidays, now is the time.


If you are one of the holiday seekers that think that a private yacht charter holiday is really not your style, well it is the time to try it.

Most of guests who try this form of holiday during 2020 are now returned back with charter bookings for 2021 as they find it more safe and fun that a Cruise or a Hotel Package Holiday and this has been proven through the statistics and numbers during last summer.  


It is worth to mention that Private Yacht Charter Holidays it is not only for the rich & famous. 


With Roditis Yachting’s Charter Department you will be surprised that there is a yacht for every budget. We hold a portfolio of yachts from 12 meters up to 90 meters to meet all  budgets and the variety covers Motor Yachts, Sail Yachts, Multihulls and Traditional Wooden Caiques. We satisfy all types of budgets and requirements.


Yachts offer amenities and private facilities and water toys on board which depending on the budget vary from jacuzzi and spa on board to private cinema and jet skis to seabobs.


With our agency by your side to help and assist you in planing the perfect trip, offer you the best solution, we see no reason for you, your family or your friends not to have an fantastic and memorable yachting holiday.