The Island Of Artemis

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The main port is Agia Marina, or Pandeli, an attractive port dominated by a medieval castle and six windmills on the hill. Spreading up from the port is the area known as Platanos, the social hub of the island, which sits astride the saddle of the hill and merges with the picturesque fishing harbor of Pandeli on the other side. The setting is very pretty with white houses dotted around the bay. Leros has plenty of beaches and secluded coves.

Leros is dotted with picturesque villages. such as Alinda , where many Leros hotels are located. A drive around the island, though, will lead you to beautiful settlements. Except for quaint villages and rich history, Leros also boasts magnificent beaches, which are known for their crystal clear water and fascinating seabed.



Alinda Beach

Alinda is located 3 km north west of Agia Marina and is the longest beach of Leros. The beach is only a short walk away from the settlement and consists of soft sand and crystalline waters. Pine trees are spread around the sandy coast providing nice shade. For those who want to avoid the summer crowds some quitter sandy coves are scattered around the main beach, such as the romantic beach of Krifo.


Agia Marina Beach

Agia Marina is a beautiful settlement and is considered part of the capital of Leros joined with Platanos and Panteli. It is known for its majot tourist movement.

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Xirokambos Beach

Xirokambos beach is located around a natural bay, 9 km southeast of Agia Marina, part of the capital of Leros and 3 km far from the natural port of Lakki. Its unique topography showing sweeping cave-filled mountainsides that end up into a sandy beach with beautiful crystal blue waters attracts the tourists despite the fact that it is considered a serene spot.