The Island of Hippocrates

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Geographically located between Kalymnos and Nisyros, Kos has a rich history, influenced by many cultures. Therefore, sightseeing in Kos is more than enjoyable. Asklepion, the holistic medical center of Hippocrates, Neratzia medieval Castle and Antimachia Castle are some of the best historical monuments to visit.

Kos is the second most popular island of Dodecanese, after Rhodes. With long sandy beaches, a balmy climate and monuments from various historical eras, Kos was among the first Aegean islands to attract visitors - during the 1930s, under Italian rule. Despite its touristic role, Kos is in fact one of the most fertile Greek islands, with rich volcanic soil and an adequate water supply from its single mountain range.

Kos town is the main tourist resort on the island as well as the capital and historic center. The city center is packed with small hotels and studios, while larger resorts and hotels are located along the coast between Psalidi and Lambi.

The second town of the island of Kos is Kardamena, located near the airport in the center-south of the island.

In the south-west part of the island is Kefalos, known as the part of Kos with the most beautiful beaches. The tourist area of Kefalos where most small hotels and apartments are located is called Kamari.



Therma Beach

The Therma also known as empros thermens are situated in the southeastern corner of the island 13 kilometers away from the town.

The scenery is characterized by a wild beauty of deep gulches, rocks and black pebbles, the result of tectonic discord, and volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.

The area was christened after the hot springs that have been present there for centuries. The waters reputably bear healing properties as they are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and sodium, elements considered instrumental in cures for skin arthritic or rheumatic diseases. The temperature of the waters hovers between 30-50 Celsius.


Kefalos Beach

Kefalos beach runs from Kamari beach in the south to Agios Stefanos beach in the north. It’s mainly sandy under foot with some shingle in places. Because it’s the main beach for the village of Kefalos it does get fairly busy but due to it’s length it doesn’t really feel crowded. The beach isn’t covered in sun loungers like some of the more tourist heavy ones are so you can easily turn up with a towel, a good book and some refreshments and it wont cost a penny.

tigaki kos

Tigaki Beach

Tigaki is located 11 kilometers far from Kos town and 7 kilometers north of Asfendiou village. Tigaki’s permanent residents reach around 250. It is a holiday resort which has undertaken a lot of development during the past decades especially along its long sandy coastline on the northern part of the island. Years ago the place used to be the local’s favourite holiday resort. The natural environment in Tigaki is impressive and calming, with lots of green all around and many plants and colourful flowers that decorate the landscape.